PASAMED Sport Medical Specialist

Sport health investigationSports medicine is a complex medicinal-preventing activity based on a long term medical research coming from observations of physical activity and training to heal, prevent and rehabilitate sport injuries.

Private Sport physician

A sports physician uses the results of multiple medical branches to coach sportsmen, to improve their performance and to protect their health condition.  It investigates the effects and also the lack of physical activity and training. This support is important both for high level and leisure time sportsmen.
In the case of an injury or illness, sportsmen often hold back their complaints because they don’t want to miss workouts or competitions. This decision may place strain on particular parts of the body, reducing performance and contributing to a  longer recovery and in some instances further injuries. This should  be avoided.
In the case of an injury or illness the prime goal is to recover the health of the sportsman. Thereafter, gradually and under medical supervision is it allowed to increase the level of workout, decreasing the chance of the probable relapse and the risk of repeated injuries.

Immediate sport health investigation

At the Pasamed Sports Health Centre we treat patients with different sports injuries and illnesses and we control their recovery and their gradual reactivation.  Our goal  beside the complete recovery  is to support the patient to reach the former performance level and to avoid the downturns and omissions. We do not distinguish between high level and leisure time sportsmen. Our specialists provide individual attention and if necessary they propose further medical consultation.

At the Pasamed Health Centre all investigations are available that are necessary for Sports Medical Permission. So far the permission itself is not available at our Centre.