Our clients are kindly requested to arrive 10-15 minutes before the agreed appointment, leaving time for the necessary administration and registration.

Orthopaedic, Sports medical private health centre.

Necessary items to bring along to the appointment
Please bring along any previous medical reports, clinical evidences, radioscopic and MRI images.
It is kindly requested to bring along your medical referral and/or your medical examination reports.

Any information referring to your condition can be useful. It is crucial to be informed about your medication, your known allergies and any other recent  medical problems. At the time of the appointment  please ask about the possibilty of any other necessary preliminary medical examinations.

Registration and enquiery:
+36 30 408 1265 (M-F between 11am-17pm)
In case your medical evidences are incomplete there is a chance that you will be invited for further consultation.

Since physiotherapy is a kind of sport activityattended in a sport hall it is proposed to wear sport dress. In our sport centre changing room with shower is available.

Please inform our call centre by phone or text message at least 24 hours before the appointment date and time if you need to make a cancellation.

Health Fund information: We make out cash invoices. In case of claim we inform you to the acceptance of health fund cards. We appreciate your understanding.

Further information can be found in Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to seeing you at the Pasamed medical centre

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